The Jaroslav Heyrovský Endowment Fund


Jaroslav Heyrovský Endowment was founded on 10.9.1993. In 1998, to comply with the new law, it was transformed into the Jaroslav Heyrovský Endowment Fund.


The originators of the Endowment as well as of the Endowment Fund are Mgr Jitka Černá née Heyrovská, , Dr Michael Heyrovský, Mgr Jitka Macháčková and Mgr Petr Pajkrt.

Purpose of the Fund

The main aim of action is to assist in search for talented secondary school students, to promote their personal growth, to support their further development in the field of their interest, and to provide creative atmosphere in which the dispositions of talented youth can thrive. The purpose of the Fund is fulfilled primarily by the following activities :

  • conferring Prizes of the Jaroslav Heyrovský Endowment Fund
  • providing grants for elaboration of individual secondary school tasks
  • assisting financially to specialized meetings of students and/or/with teachers
  • opening and mediating contacts between individuals, groups and institutions engaging in scientific and technical activities (special schools, universities, Academy institutes, etc.)
  • establishing international cooperation with similar institutions abroad
  • supporting completely or partly occasional participations of successful Czech winners in international competitions or gatherings
  • co-organizing international specialized competitions in the Czech Republic
  • publishing methodical and informative brochures for students and/or teachers
  • propagating principles of the first Czech Nobel Prize winner - professor Jaroslav Heyrovský

Executive board

has 8 members; they are

  • Doc.RNDr Leo Boček, Central commission of the Mathematical Olympiad in Czech Republic
  • Mgr Jitka Černá, vice-chairperson of the Executive board
  • Doc.RNDr Karel Holada, CSc.
  • Michael Heyrovský, PhD.
  • Mgr Jitka Macháčková, chairperson of the Executive board and chairperson of the Central commission of SOČ (Secondary School Expert Activity)
  • Ing. Květa Stejskalová, CSc., science secretary ÚFCH JH AV
  • Prof.RNDr Ivo Volf, CSc, chairman of the Central commission of the Physical Olympiad in Czech Republic
  • RNDr František Zemánek, vice-chairman of the Central commission of the Chemical Olympiad in Czech Republic
  • Doc. Ing. Mgr. Petr Klán, CSc., ÚI AV

Auditor of the Endowment Fund is Ing.Otto Hoffmann, Talentcentrum IDM (Institute for Children and Youth)


Legal acts in the name of the Endowment Fund are done by the chairperson of the Executive Board, Mgr Jitka Macháčková (e-mail: ); she also represents the Endowment Fund in the public, and signs for it.

Conditions for providing endowment contributions

The Executive board decides about drawing of financial as well of non-financial means of the fund, and about their providing, bearing in mind the conditions, on which the means were gained from individual sponsors.

  • The Executive board makes decision on basis of application or suggestion of a member of the board
  • An application for endowment contribution must be submitted in writing
  • In case of the SOČ Grants under preparation, the application must be submitted according to instructions of the Executive board and of the appropriate SOČ commission
  • On basis of suggestions the Executive board can provide an endowment contribution even to individual regions (former counties) for further distribution (e.g., the SOČ grants), on basis of contract between the Endowment Fund and the recipient
  • The endowment contribution provided in cash is transferred to the recipient's account, or paid in hand against a receipt (e.g., Prizes of the JH EF)
  • Movable objects (e.g., material prizes) are transferred personally to the appointed recipient or to his/her authorized representative
  • There is no legal right for providing endowment contribution
  • Proposals for conferring the Jaroslav Heyrovský Endowment Fund Prizes are submitted by representatives of the central commissions for conducting the individual competitions